What is Sand Art and other Frequently Asked Questions...




What is Sand Art?

It is easy to do with no need for scissors OR messy glue making it is virtually mess free.
We provide a fun and exciting way to entertain children. Our workshops allow the children to have a hands-on experience to create amazing pictures with brightly coloured sand.
Sand Art is very simple and fun. It requires the child or adult to peel away a paper layer off one segment at a time of a pre-printed picture using a pick which reveals a sticky surface. Then the child/adult can sprinkle coloured sand of their choice onto the sticky surface. Your masterpiece will then be underway!

Our Sand Art pictures range from simple to detailed to cater for all ages and our coloured sand is fine and vibrant and doesn't rub off ensuring your picture will be as good in years to come as it was when you first made it. If you want to experience the magic of a Sand Art Workshop with superior quality fine sand and endless picture designs then don't hesitate to contact us.

Children as young as 3 years old can take part as well as mature adults such as your Grandmother or Grandad. Sand Art is virtually mess free and takes between 30 - 45mins to complete depending on the complexity of the picture.

We will show the children how to begin and then they are then able to use their imagination and create their very own masterpiece.  I will be on hand to supervise them and give them encouragement along the way with help and advice if required.

Besides being very enjoyable, Sand Art is also educational and helps with the following:

• Creativity
• Imagination
• Developing motor skills
• Concentration
• Logical thinking
• Midline crossing
• Confidence

How Does Sand Art Work?

Children choose one of our many picture designs, we have a great selection for both boys and girls of different age groups and abilities.

Our pictures are all pre-cut and printed in yellow and black. By using a picker, they place it inside the black line and by sliding it under a corner they peel off the yellow layer, which reveals a white pre-glued area. We use ten bowls of coloured sand that the children then hold their picture over and spoon the sand onto. The sand sticks to the pre-glued area. The picture is completed by taking off each individual section, including the background and even the black lines if they want to.

What are the Benefits of Sand Art for Children and Adults?

The nature of Sand Art Workshops has children and adults hooked as soon as they see all the 10 different colours of our fine sand.. Sand Art increases their self confidence and also their self esteem.